WT proudly supports the Foundation of Hope

Whitelaw Twining is proud to support the Foundation of Hope. The Foundation of Hope is a non-profit organization whose aim is to aid organizations across Canada working to assist LGBTQ people escaping persecution in their home countries, where homosexuality is often punishable by death.

This year, the Foundation of Hope is raising money for this cause through STRUT – a walkathon, with a twist! On June 6, 2015, participants, including Whitelaw Twining’s Jean-Marc Hebert, Sanja Kraljevic, Preetka Brar, Deborah Flood, and Lindsay Williams strut for one mile in fabulous attire and sky high stiletto heels to raise funds and awareness for LGBTQ refugees. Whitelaw Twining is proud to have assisted the Foundation of Hope in raising over $45,000 at the STRUT walkathon

To learn more about the Foundation of Hope please click here.