Earth Day

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day marks an international movement to protect the planet and the birth of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970. In honor of Earth Day approaching tomorrow, our Sustainability Committee would like to encourage the WT family across all locations to reflect on ways that we can make a more positive impact on our environment and share a few *easy* tips below to incorporate sustainable living both within our offices and beyond.

🌱 Carpooling, public transit, and getting active!

One of the easiest (and cost-effective) ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to organize a carpool or take public transportation to work. If you’re lucky enough to live closer to the office – even better if you’re able to walk or bike! Not only are you getting your daily exercise in, but studies have also shown that spending as little as 20 minutes outside reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

🌱 Bring your reusable water bottle to work

The International Union for Conservation of Nature reports that “at least eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year”, posing a threat to all marine species. A large culprit in this issue is the bottled water industry, with Canadians consume more than two billion plastic bottles of water every year. Help reduce that number by bringing a trusty reusable water bottle with you to the office!

🌱 Use reusable coffee mugs

Statistics from the City of Vancouver estimates that over 136 million coffee cups are thrown out each year instead of being recycled or composted. Lessen that number by keeping a reusable coffee mug on hand! P.S. Starbucks is honoring Earth Day by giving out 25 bonus stars for those who bring a reusable mug between today and April 23rd!

🌱 Think before you print and print double-sided if possible!

Law firms use a LOT of paper, and we all know the huge paper trail associated with the practice. Be more conscious about paper usage and reflect on if you need to print documents or if there are ways to avoid it. Printing documents double-sided when possible is also another great tree-saving option.

🌱 More Earth Day Initiatives/Resources
Earth Day Canada:
United Nations:

Wishing you all a Happy Earth Day 🌎💚💙!