Abuse Litigation

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Because of changes in limitation periods and liability, there have been a number of precedent-setting cases in abuse litigation. Current social and public policy issues also mean courts are going even further to fairly compensate victims, especially in cases of elder and sexual abuse.

In these cases, resolution for the institutions involved can be a complex and drawn-out process. As an employer of the offender or victim, an institution could be held liable for certain damages, despite their strong efforts to keep individuals out of harm’s way. Our team in abuse litigation aims to safeguard the organizations’ rights, reputation, and privacy, and represent their cases in the shortest time and at the most reasonable cost possible. Our track record proves that we consistently provide just and efficient resolutions for institutional clients of all sizes and at all levels of court.


  • Representing government and public bodies
  • Advising investigations and inquiries of administrative authorities
  • Providing counsel to professional organizations regarding risk management
  • Defending defamation, libel, and slander claims
  • Consulting on respecting privacy and issues relating to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
  • Resolving claims involving emotional and psychological injuries
  • Defending claims resulting from treatment or care such as nursing facilities, managed care, and physician liability
  • Advising on vicarious liability and breach of fiduciary duty matters
  • Analyzing insurance policies respecting coverage of abuse claims, duty to defend and potential conflicts between insured and insurer

Key Contacts

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