RCMP driver found 80% at fault in the case:

Gorman v Meghji, 2018 BCSC 1904

Two of our team, Nigel Beckmann and Barbara Kott, achieved a fantastic result in this case for our client, Mr. Meghji in this recent BC Supreme Court trial. Mr. Meghji and his family members were unfortunately involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident with a RCMP cruiser that was responding to a high priority call in Langley, BC on July 22, 2014. The RCMP cruiser, driven by Cst. Gorman, was travelling at about 145 kph as it approached the side street Mr. Meghji was attempting to cross. Mr. Meghji left the stop sign and began crossing the road when he first saw the RCMP cruiser. He attempted to make the crossing but was T-boned very violently such that his camper van was knocked over. Damage to both vehicles was extensive but miraculously, the drivers and Mr. Meghji’s three family members all survived, albeit with injuries.

Nigel and Barbara successfully argued that Cst. Gorman’s breach of the police standard of care in the circumstances was so great as compared to the potential negligence of Mr. Meghji that the Court should find Cst. Gorman primarily at fault for the accident. Supreme Court Justice Butler agreed and apportioned 80% fault to Cst. Gorman and 20% to Mr. Meghji.

This was a liability-only trial that impacts upon the five separate plaintiff actions commenced, four of which were advanced against Mr. Meghji. Needless to say, this is a great result for our client. For more information about the case see the local media report here.

The Reasons for Judgment are here.