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In light of our firm’s growth and continual diversification of practice areas, we are looking for hard working and academically strong summer students who will continue on to become articled students, and who we can envision joining our team of talented associates, once they are called to the bar.

At Whitelaw Twining, we have a long standing tradition of our articled students going on to have successful and long-term careers at the firm. Our articling program, which consists of summer articles followed by regular articles, is geared towards continuing that tradition.

As such, we set up our students for success by providing each student with both a Principal and a Mentor, and by structuring the student program so that it consists of rotations. This ensures that our students have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas. As a result, students are provided with well-rounded, high quality and interesting articles, including a significant amount of hands on and practical learning experiences.

For further information, please see the rest of our website or contact Human Resources at humanresources@wt.ca

Summer Students & Articling Students

At Whitelaw Twining, our strength is our people, and therefore we have decided that the best way to grow our firm is from the roots up. As such, we prefer to hire summer students so that we can start building our relationship with them early, in hopes that they will return for regular Articles, and eventually as Associates.

As a summer student, we know that you are new to working at a law firm, and therefore your summer is focused on learning and getting to know our firm. We encourage this by providing you with interesting assignments, and projects, as well as including you in our summer time events. For example, our summer students participate in softball and write up post-game commentaries, attend our annual summer party, and Friday socials. Additionally, the Summer Students are given a budget, and use their creativity as a team to plan and throw a themed party for the firm.

As an articled student, you will have had a head start from your summer experience. As such, you are able to quickly get involved in more complex files and assignments. You will be able to handle some of your own files too. You are given more responsibility, and by the time you are called to the bar, you will be fully prepared to take on a full case load of your own, as a lawyer. Of course, as articled students you will also be encouraged to have fun and participate in the firm’s events, and you will be invited to our annual lawyer retreat!

As you progress from summer student to articled student, your skillset, your knowledge and your confidence will grow, and our Articling Program will support you every step of the way!

Applying for 2020 Summer Articles

To apply for a 2020 Summer Student position with Whitelaw Twining, please submit your cover letter, resume, and transcripts to the attention of Alex Maltas and Franco Cabanos. You may also choose to include reference letters in your application. All applications should be submitted through vilawportal.com or via email to humanresources@wt.ca.

The Principal & the Mentor

At Whitelaw Twining, we provide students with a two tiered mentorship program. Each student is paired with both a Principal and a Mentor. This set up ensures that students are able to foster relationships with partners and associates alike.

Your Principal will be a Partner, and will oversee your progress at the firm, to ensure that theLaw Society’s requirements are being met.

Your Mentor will be an Associate, and your regular point of contact throughout articles. Your Mentor is there to field your questions, and provide a friendly and helpful resource for you throughout your articles. Your Mentor will also regularly check in with you to ensure that your experience at the firm is a positive one, and that you have an interesting and manageable workload, and are receiving good opportunities.

Student Program Rotations

All students will participate in rotations. The purpose of the rotations is to provide students with exposure to Whitelaw Twining’s key practice areas. It is important to us that you receive a variety of good quality work throughout your articles. The rotation system also allows you to work with a greater cross section of associates and partners, and ensures that you get to know everyone at the firm.

The Rotations

There are four rotations. Articled students will complete all four rotations (approximately 2.5 months each), and summer students will complete two rotations (approximately 6 weeks per rotation). Summer students’ preferences will be taken into consideration when rotations are assigned. The rotations consist of the following:

  • Personal Injury
  • Subrogation, Property & Coverage
  • Transportation / Road Maintenance
  • Professional Liability, Construction & Corporate / Commercial

Students who are interested in practice areas that are not formerly part of the rotation program are encouraged to discuss this with their Principal and Mentor.

Orientation & Training

Whitelaw Twining provides students with a first week orientation program for both summer and regular articles. Besides legal and systems training, there is a social aspect to the orientation program allowing students to get to know each other and their Principals and Mentors, and providing an opportunity for students to meet as many people as possible at the firm. Broadly, the orientation and training program will consist of the following:

A welcome to the firm with a tour and introductions
  • Training Sessions
  • Human Resources
  • IT Training
  • Timekeeping Skills
  • Library training
Professional Development Seminars
  • Whitelaw Twining: the firm’s practice areas and our role in the insurance industry
  • Insurance 101 (WT Bootcamp Program)
  • How to Run a Litigation File (WT Bootcamp Program)
  • Personal Injury Damages Assessments
  • Monthly Lunch Seminars: members of each of our 27 Practice Groups will lead lunch seminars focusing on their areas of practice.
  • Welcome Activities: welcome lunch for student group, mentor lunches and a special Friday welcome gathering in the Firm’s Bistro.
  • Lawyers Dinners, Associates BBQ and other social gatherings
  • Summer Party, Student Party, Associate Party and others
  • Firm-wide sports teams and activities (e.g. Softball, Hooplaw, Dodgeball, Exercise Classes).

Join Us

We’re always looking for like-minded students to join our team. Please email your resume to: