Hospitality & Liquor Liability

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Hospitality and liquor liability affects restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos and a wide variety of special event hosts. We handle complex casualty and insurance coverage matters. We provide general advice to the hospitality industry on topics related to the service of alcohol, like the standard of care provided by liquor-serving and security staff and incident response. We also handle claims arising from the consumption of alcohol in private homes and at work events.

We have developed a network of expert witnesses and we bring years of experience in conducting detailed liability investigations. Our team is seasoned in gathering evidence at an early stage, negotiating significant settlements and helping to minimize exposure.


  • Matters related to alcohol over-service, assault and the use of force by security staff
  • Obligations under the Occupiers Liability Act
  • Waivers
  • Indemnity claims from contractual arrangements
  • Early quantification of claims
  • Summary trials and other dismissal avenues
  • Multi-party claims
  • Settlement

Key Contacts

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