Prosecuting Highway Maintenance Cases: Basic Principles

In the Winter 2016 addition of the Verdict magazine, a Plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, Slater Vecchio, published an article on the difficulty of prosecuting “Highway Maintenance” cases. The article discussed the challenging legal arguments such cases face, evidentiary obstacles, and expert evidence that defence firms utilize to have these claims defeated. We believe that the many challenges identified in the article have come about as a direct result of the concerted effort that the WT Road Maintenance group has made since taking conduct over most of the road maintenance defence work in the province of British Columbia. Road maintenance claims are difficult and costly for plaintiffs to pursue, and almost always result in complete dismissals in favour of our clients. The legal community is now recognizing that these claims are regularly being defeated, which may result in fewer claims being brought against our road maintenance contractors. Another great WT success story. To read the full article click here.