Road Maintenance

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Road contractors bear the huge responsibility of maintaining provincial highways for the benefit of all Canadians. Through no fault of their own, their business operations can lead to a high frequency of claims. As a result, they have a heightened focus on assessing and protecting their interests—and a need for reliable, dedicated counsel that knows the industry standards. Our Road Maintenance group helps resolve disputes quickly and methodically.

We designed a very collaborative system to manage claims for this distinct type of client. By partnering closely with road contractors, studying their businesses and industry standards and applying our creative thinking and legal expertise, we are able to manage the risks and successfully extricate clients from potential costly and time-consuming litigation.


  • Advising on the contractual obligations of contractors when maintaining provincial highways and detailed familiarity with each road contractors’ QMS (their proprietary system for meeting provincial standards)
  • Representing companies who provide provincial road maintenance services throughout Canada
  • Managing and resolving claims against road contractors
  • Organizing meetings and solving disputes between various stakeholders in road maintenance including the contractor, insurance broker, insurer and Provincial representatives
  • Risk management for road maintenance contractors

Key Contacts

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