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Defamation is a sensitive and complex area of law. Every case is unique and we explore both traditional and creative approaches to resolve defamation claims as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The complexity of facts and the strong personalities involved in defamation cases make them costly and time consuming—and the costs are not just financial but also personal and professional.

Our clients include businesses, news and trade organizations, institutions that handle and distribute information, and private individuals. With the prevalence of social media, defamation is more common than ever and potential exposures can run the spectrum from minor to massive. We know this area of law is unlike any other, and that there are no cookie cutter solutions.

We have experience in mediations and other alternate dispute resolutions. We also counsel our clients on the damage control measures unique to defamation law, like clarifications, retractions and apologies.


  • Risk identification
  • Risk management
  • Avoidance

Key Contacts

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