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Due to the number of stakeholders, the potential damages and the complicated procedural steps involved in class action cases, finding a resolution requires creative solutions. Our team understands every phase and nuance of this complex area of litigation and has successfully managed large-scale class actions by developing early and comprehensive strategies for our clients.

By carefully studying all parties involved, analyzing liability and quantum exposure and assessing the pros and cons of fighting versus settling, we help clients find the most advantageous course of action. In every class action, we work to minimize our clients’ overall exposure, in indemnity and legal costs—and in some cases, we’ve resolved potential class actions before an action is officially certified.


  • Developing strategy and damage control during the pre-action phase
  • Assessing the liability quantum and defence cost exposure
  • Investigating and identifying any additional parties
  • Developing an overall strategic plan
  • Handling all aspects of class actions, including alternative resolution plans, whether to contest certification, and administration of any claims handling agreement or order

Key Contacts

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