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Much like an assembly line, there are many moving parts involved in getting a product safely and successfully to market. Our Product Liability team is experienced, technically savvy and keen to guide businesses through a myriad of product liability issues. We have a history of precedent-setting cases, and the legal talent and infrastructure to quickly and efficiently resolve a wide range of product-related challenges.

Our team understands that product liability is constantly in flux. As technology evolves, so does the environment in which designers and manufacturers operate. The proposed new Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is a prime example of the new parameters and considerations that manufacturers need to be conscious of. From small to large claims, we have the breadth of knowledge and the industry expertise to provide our clients with the professional support they need.


  • Handling potential litigation and other claims relating to product liability in various areas including product design, warning labels, recalls, manufacturing process, component part defects, quality control
  • Guiding clients through the complexities of class action exposures
  • Assisting clients in taking proactive steps to minimize product liability exposure
  • Providing manufacturers and other entities with advice and support for any aspect of production, from sourcing of materials to delivery of the final product and dealing with unhappy customers

Key Contacts

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