Cyber Liability

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Cyber liability raises new risks for businesses and insurers. With our culture of mass information exchange, clients are finding the need to navigate issues like system vulnerability, creation and release of data and confidential information, losses resulting from unauthorized release of data and information, and compliance with new regulatory requirements.

Our Cyber Liability Group uses knowledge from adjacent areas like insurance law, commercial litigation, administrative law, privacy law and intellectual property to create emergency response plans and long-term strategies that protect our clients. We also work closely with consultants in computing, engineering and media relations to quickly and effectively resolve any cyber liability issue.


  • Providing coverage advice on all types of policies, including cyber liability policies
  • Acting as monitoring counsel on litigation matters
  • Risk management
  • Advising on regulatory requirements
  • Defending cyber liability litigation and representing clients at administrative tribunals
  • Acting as breach coaches, including identifying improperly disclosed data or data which is missing or corrupted, notifying relevant governing bodies and producing action plans to deal with the consequences of breach

Key Contacts

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