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Subrogation not only helps insurance companies with their bottom line, it can also reverse claim histories—and keep insureds happy. Our Subrogation and Recovery Group brings a business-minded approach to each subrogated claim to maximize recovery.

We handle any kind of subrogated claim, and have expertise with claims that arise from fire losses, water losses, product defects, motor vehicle and trucking accidents and construction deficiencies. We’ve handled these claims for over 35 years, so we can look at a case and give expert guidance regarding complexity and timeline. We’ve developed proven tactics and strategies to resolve these claims quickly and cost-effectively.

We work with clients on all aspects of the recovery process. Our involvement with a claim often starts as early as the date of loss and we provide ongoing support throughout the claims adjustment process. After a judgement is awarded, we help our clients execute with garnishment, seizure of property or registration of judgment on title.

We also offer creative solutions to help insurers control costs and minimize risk. We offer flexible options, including handling subrogated claims on a contingency fee basis. We’ve also handled cases on a delegated authority basis. This can reduce a claim examiner’s time investment and minimize litigation costs.


  • Investigation and adjustment of a loss
  • Witness identification and retention
  • Coordinating investigation by experts and developing a strategy for evidence preservation
  • Creating subrogation agreements and joint representation agreements
  • Reviewing and identifying claims that have potential for subrogated recovery
  • Providing opinions on the recovery prospects of a particular claim
  • Developing and implementing a negotiation strategy for subrogated recovery before and after the commencement of litigation

Key Contacts

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